Web app developer workstation

Hello, I'm Tom.

I'm a professional web developer based in Liverpool.

My working day is, for the most part, spent in the back end of e-commerce development, and while I try not to be entirely massive geek, I am somewhat massive geek. How many other people do you know who try their hand at game development in their spare time? It depends who your friends are, I guess...

That's not to say I don't appreciate fresh air and long walks in the sunshine. In fact, I'd say there are at least 117 other things I'd prefer to be doing than sat in front of a screen, but they don't necessarily pay the bills.

And THAT'S not to say I don't enjoy spending time sat in front of a screen. I like to see all of the great and creative things people come up with. I'm eternally grateful to open source, build tools, tutorial writers and Stack Overflow. As well as using this site to showcase my work, I hope to have some resources here that will help others too.

Whether football or soccer is your game, Tap-in! is the quick to learn, easy to play time waster you've been looking for. The aim of the game is simple - score as many goals as possible and try to reach international ranking as well as the high score!

Screenshot of Tap-in! gameplay.
Tap-in! gameplay showing cones as obstacles.

The ball is passed towards the player at the start of every new round. Once it enters the target, tap inside the target area in the direction you want the player to kick the ball (preferably towards a goal). Score a goal to reach the next round, that is, if you score in a white or green goal. Yellow balls must go in to yellow goals - score into a red goal and it's game over. The game will also be up if you miss, or your shot bounces off an obstacle. Goal placements vary each round, and the longer you play, the faster the ball will move.

Screenshot showing goalkeeper obstacle and yellow ball.
Tap-in! screenshot showing red and green goals.
Download Bash 'Em Monsters on iOS

The aim in Bash ‘Em Monsters is to bash as many monsters off screen as you can before the timer runs out! The longer you play and the more monsters you bash, the less time you’ll have to bash the next monster...

When a monster appears on screen, use the buttons at the bottom of the screen to select the glove colour that matches the colour of the monster. Then, touch the screen at the monsters position and drag your finger back to line up a punch. Lift your finger off screen to sling a punch towards the monster and hopefully bash them off screen! Do not let the timer run out - it will reset every time you bash a monster off screen - but will get shorter the longer you play. Watch out for when colours appear on the screen - you can only bash a monster matching that colour to continue!

Can I help you at all?

Please get in touch if there is anything here of interest to you. I'd especially appreciate any helpful pointers and the odd bug report ;)

I'm familiar with developing in Java, PHP, C#, Objective-C, SQL and JavaScript. I've written plenty of HTML and CSS, which gets easier with SASS and Gulp. For CMS - see Wordpress, Joomla and Liferay. Ant and Maven help with builds, while code sits in Git and SVN. Servers include Tomcat and Apache on Linux and Windows. Unit, integrated and automated tetsing involves JUnit and Selenium. And... for game development I've tried Unity and Cocos2d with SpriteBuilder to create games targeted at iOS and Android.